Systema Summer Camp | Canceld

Systema Summer Camp | Canceld

July 5-7  2019 we are organizing a great summer camp in Dieverbrug (different location than other years). The common thread during this camp is working Completely, regardless of what will come at you, and to act with freedom and power.

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Summer Camp

This year we are organizing a great summer camp in Dieverbrug (different location than other years). This location offers us beautiful unique training in the woods, water, at bridges, etc. Training in skills that we can apply in many different circumstances. The training during the camp provides these various environments to develop real skills for martial arts and daily life.


The common thread during this camp is working COMPLETELY. This through training locations, forests, fields, bridges, etc. as well as the defences, strikes, kicks, holds, knife, axe, chain, etc. The training is to be able to act and work in every situation, location and or attack, regardless of what will come to act with freedom and power.

There will be between 7 to more than 10 hours of training per day. This varies from physical and mental exertion to relaxation and massage. This camp is a real immersion in the Systema principles and gives you enough time between training to allow everything to sink in.

Immerse yourself in Systema and flow over with freedom and power.


Systema Summer Camp Dieverbrug (Diever). This is a location on the edge of the Drents Friese Wold (national park) with 6000 hectares of beautiful forests and heathland. The Dieverbrug camp is surrounded by beautiful farmlands and is a 15-20 minute walk to the edge of these beautiful forests.


The summer camp takes place on July 5 through July 7, 2019. On July 5, you are welcome from 9 o'clock in the morning. You can then find a place to sleep and set up your tent.

The first training of the summer camp starts at 11 o’clock am.

The last training ends on July 7 at around 4 p.m.

Between this first and last training there are many training sessions but also time for yourself.


You can sleep in your own tent and you can sleep in the main tent (5x10mtr). If you sleep in the main tent the request is then to tidy up your sleeping place every morning as this is the common area. If you bring your own tent it has to be a 1-2 person tent (this because of the space).


This means camping or sleeping place (general tent), food, drinks and training. We have, among other things, a swimming pool, 2x shower, 2x toilet and sink on the campsite and both outside and inside training facilities.

Seminar Shirt

We also made a summer camp shirt for this great event. Every participant will receive a Shirt from us on the first day of the seminar. Depending on the stock you have a choice on arrival at the camp what kind of Camo t-shirt you want (3 different camo shirts). A T-shirt is ready for you. (at registration you can only reserve the size, not the camo pattern).

It is also possible to purchase an extra shirt, sweater and or hoodie. It is not possible to buy these extra products at the camp itself (so only order in advance).

At the bottom of the page you can order the extra seminar products.


Arend Dubbelboer has a background in various martial arts. He has trained with Aalt Aalten in Aikido and Breathing and trains Systema since 2004 with Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev. Arend is a passionate practitioner and teacher.


Limited space available register quickly


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Arend Dubbelboer
Juli 5-7
11.00h (Friday)
17.00h (Sunday)
18 years and older
More info.
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