IMMERSION II  *Missed it!

IMMERSION II *Missed it!

Januari 26-27 2019 organizing IMMERSION Systema Seminar. This will be a seminar where we will immerse the participants in Systema for 2 days.

Immerse yourself, surround yourself with it, absorb it in your being, do not wait, press that button and immerse yourself in Systema Immersion Training (limited space).


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Immerse yourself for a weekend in the Systema principles. Two days and one overnight stay completely absorb Systema in your being. More than 15 hours of training in 2 days all-in (training, eating, drinking and sleeping) with a small group (10-15). In this weekend you dive deeper into the principles of Systema, from relaxation and power to structure and freedom. It is a intensive weekendmentally and physically. There is some time in the breaks for absorbing the lessons and to take some time for yourself. Do not wait too long there is limited space. Register now!


I started with these immersion seminars because I see a lot of results with my students when I immerse them for a short time in the principles of Systema. That they are for 2 days in a constant energy and atmosphere of Systema. To truly learn, we change ourselves who we are, how we are and what we do. This does not mean that you have changed some movement orders. You mainly change how you are going to do this movement. I'm not just talking about which muscles you activate. Here I am talking about what you think, thoughts your mind does? What do you do with your senses, do you feel? We go deeper into the source and change our habits, actions and feelings. every immersion changes our old programming, habits and that's how we really start to learn (change in people who can

For Who?

The Immersion Seminar is for everyone who practices Systema. It is really useful to be familiar with Systema principles and training. You do not have to participate in the other immersion seminar (s). Every immersion weekend stands on its own. If you do not have much experience with Systema and you would like to join in, please contact us if this is possible.

Immerse yourself, surround yourself with it, absorb it in your being, do not wait, press that button and immerse yourself in Systema Immersion Training.


The seminar includes, Training, Eating, Drinking and one overnight stay. We take care of the training, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks. Because we have a late evening training on Saturday after dinner, we stay overnight and start early the next morning. It is about nights in the place where we train (sleeping with air mattress, sleeping bag, etc.)

Time & Location

Location, Meppel or Emmen address and other info. follows after the registration.


Saturday we start at 10 am (reception from 9.30 am), Sunday the seminar ends between 3 pm and 5 pm. Both days there are about 3 lessons planned between 2-3 hours.


Data sheet

Arend Dubbelboer
Jan. 26-27
11 am to 5 pm
English / Dutch
Dojo (mats)
Dojo (own sleeping bag)
18 years and older
More info.
Follows after registration (E-mail)

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