Internal Work

Internal Work

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Systema Seminar - Come home to your full strength / Internal Work, Oct. 18, 2020 | Online Live Zoom Les | More (info & data) | Click here to subscribe

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Working internally often sounds vague and / or mysterious to many people. This is because we don't really know what this internal work is. For many, internal work sounds like a fable how to receive magical powers and wisdom, through special training. The great thing is that you already have internal power, we just don't have control over these forces. We waste these powers or fight against them.

During this seminar we will work on how we can work together with these forces. In other words, getting to know your powers.

Wisdom such as that we are all connected, people, animals and nature is now not only an intellectual knowing but a knowing from your whole being. During this seminar we will give you a route description to come home in full force.

During the internal work seminar you will learn,

  1. Unity of Body and Mind
  2. Freedom and strength
  3. Connecting with other people
  4. Harmony of movement
  5. Sensitivity to energy
  6. Change the quality
  7. Coming home to yourself
  8. To be

This will be a seminar with solo exercises and partner exercises. Working with martial art exercises such as frame work, such as, packing, clamping, pushing and punching. We are not going to fight, these are purely exercises to get home more and more.

This is my insight into the internal work in the Systema (so far :-) ps if the seminar cannot go on due to corona, we will refund the seminar amount to you


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Arend Dubbelboer
Oct. 18
11 am to 5 pm
English / Dutch
Dojo (mats)
18 years and older
More info.
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