Bank transfer (S€PA) payment?

SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. It was introduced by the European Council to simplify payment traffic in Europe. With SEPA transfers can be made from any European checking account to any other European checking account. Paying by bank transfer is a trusted and secure way for consumers to pay for purchases online. The amount can easily be transferred via internet banking. SEPA transfers are supported in 34 countries.

How does a SEPA transfer work? When customers want to pay via a SEPA transfer, they receive the payment details directly on their screen or by e-mail. They then transfer the amount from their online banking environment when it suits them best. Instead of having to transfer the payment data manually, we offer the possibility of generating a QR code with which the payment can be made via an app. This reduces the chance of errors because the payment details are ready in the app after scanning.

If the customer does not use a QR code and accidentally makes a mistake while entering payment details, we will automatically refund the transaction to the customer.

Processing a transfer usually takes a few working days.