Secure ordering?

For pleasant shopping online safety is important. Soul Art Design is committed to make and keep the site safe. Internet shopping is very safe.

It is important that you know where you shop and whether this store really exists. Soul Art Design is part of Aiki Management and we have a physical address:

Laan van het Kwekebos 243
7823 KE, Emmen
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce No. 04055722
VAT No. GB Emmen 102993063B01

Of course it is important that you are sure that you are dealing with our shop and not a mirror site. We have a https (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) connection, this is a protocol with the aim of secure data exchange.

What this does concretely is encrypting the data that goes from the server to the web browser and vice versa. It makes it impossible for people, robots or companies to watch and see what happens. This means that personal details, login details and bank details are protected and cannot be used by others. In addition, this protocol is used for authentication. This means that the user of the website knows for sure that communication with the server actually happens with the server to be used.

Before the url (internet address) you see a lock Vergrendelen this means that,

The information that you send or receive via the site is private.

Always be careful when sharing private information, even when you see this icon. Look at the address bar to check if you are on the site you want to visit.

Check the url (internet address)  is "" Only if you see this address into your address bar, you shop at Soul Art Design. Behind the / can be other Texts, for example 

Phishing is a form of fraud to deceive with false e-mails. Criminals use another company or bank name and send you an email asking if you want to login through a link. In this way they wrest a counterfeit copy of a website, personal and sensitive information. Soul Art Design always send email in the name of the customer. You can find more information about phishing on this website Click here