Place an order?

Place an order

Ordering products can be done in a few simple steps.

Select product

When you have seen a product in our shop, click on the product to see more information and specifications of the product. If you want to purchase a product then choose the type, color, size, etc. depending on the product and then click on the "ADD TO CART" button.

In shopping basket

A popup screen appears with the following text, "The product has been successfully added to your shopping cart"

In your shopping cart you will find the products that you want to buy and can then pay by clicking on the "CONTINUE TO PAY" button. If you want to buy more than one product, click on the "CONTINUE SHOPPING" button.

You can always go to the shopping cart while shopping (surfing) right at the top of the page

to pay

Check whether you have the products and the correct number in your shopping cart, then you can continue to pay. You click on the "CONTINUE TO PAY" button. You will be taken to a new page where, if you are an existing customer, you can log in or create an account. You can then complete your order in 3 clear steps.

Step 1 Address details

Here you can check your address details and, if desired, specify a different delivery address. Depending on the delivery to which country, the costs and shipping method are calculated in step 2. Click the "CONTINUE" button to go to the next step.

Step 2 Shipping method

Here the webshop shows the shipping method and costs for delivering to the address you have chosen with address details. Click on the "CONTINUE" button to go to the next step.

Step 3 Payment method

Choose the desired payment method (with Ideal also the bank with which you will be making a transaction) and accept the terms of use by checking the box (in the box).

To be sure, check your order on the right-hand side of your page. You can click on "view details" to see the details of the order

If you agree, you can click on the "CONFIRM THE ORDER AND PAY" button to complete your order.

You will always receive a confirmation E-mail after placing the order.

Need help with placing an order or have any questions? Then contact our customer service.

What is a coupon?

Everyone is happy with a nice discount on their purchases. Of course we know the paper coupons to include supermarkets. The online coupons with their discount codes are exactly the same but for webshopping. The Discount code on the voucher gives you advantage and you will save on your purchases. This could be a discount amount or a percentage discount or free shipping. The discount can apply to a specific product, a specific productgroup or for all products in the shop. The coupon can be very different and subject to certain conditions including the type of discount, indicate the validity and possibly other conditions.

Where can I find these discount codes?

The coupons are usually issued to existing customers. If you are a subscriber to our newsletter, you may sometimes find our newsletters offers a discount coupon. Sometimes there are special actions that are also promoted. Include on Facebook.

Click on the photo to receive offers from our webshop

How to use the voucher?

If you select checkout in the shopping cart, you will find at the bottom of the order summary "Discount". Here you enter the discount code as stated on the coupon, and then click OK. If the code is accepted, it shows the name of the discount coupon and you see the discount amount that it gives. This discount is automatically deducted from the total amount.

Determine my size?

Knowing your body measurements is a necessity to getting clothes in the right sizes. Having your measurements ensures that you will know the best size to get for your clothes. It is an easy way to take much of the risk out of online shopping. If it goes wrong you can, within the Netherlands, return the items free of cost (if not used).

Where do I find the Size guides

You can find the size guides of clothing in the product pages. On the top of the page is a short description and you will see the options, prices, etc. If you scroll down or click on "More (info, data & size guide)" you will see the tab pages where you find extra information about the product(s) and one of these tab pages is called "Size guide". Here you will find the size information about the clothing offert on this page. 

When the product page offers more than one type of clothing type you find the different size guides by scrolling down this tab page.

Please note: We hold, as the manufacturer suggests, their specification of the measurements.

Attention! All measurements are subject to change and no rights can be derived from it.


Taking Measurements

When taking your measurements, be sure to use a cloth measuring tape, not a metal measuring tape. This will ensure that you’re measuring your body accurately. If you don’t have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and measure it using a ruler.

When measuring yourself, keep the tape firm, but not tight.

Measure over undergarments or skin-tight clothes to ensure the most accurate measurements. 

To know the right size for the clothing there are two importent measurements to take, the width (1-4) and the length (2-3).

For shirts, sweaters, longsleeves and or jackets you measure the width (1) from under the arms from armpit to armpit.

For pants and shorts, measure the width of the waist (1) or of the hips (4). With most pants you measure the waist (1), but with some pants including stretch pants the hip width is measured (4).

The length for pants is measured from the inside of the leg and for shorts (if the manufacturer gives these specifications) it is from the hip down. The manufacturer does not specify a length for some pants. Among other things, this is often not done with stretch pants, because the length will be different for each wearer due to the stretch (always fits).

The length for t-shirts, polo's, sweaters, longsleeves and jackets is from the outside coller (where the shoulder begins) down

All products are always measured from a relaxed state.

Choose your Size

Once you have measured yourself, compare the results with the measurements in the appropriate size chart.

Different type of clothing even different type of T-shirts have different scale, even the same brands, so it’s best to check the measurements on the page with the type of clothing you like. When selecting your size, fit to the widest part of your body and choose the size closest to the widest measurement. Choosing the right size depants on your preference how you like to wear your clothes, tide or lose. In cases where your body measurements are between two sizes, go with the similar size for a tighter fit and the larger size for the looser fit.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us >>>

Can the color be different as it is shown?

To see the original color on the computer is hard because every consumer looks at the product on a different monitor. We try to approach the color fastness of the product as close as we possible can. Please note, when choosing a product in a particular color, the color may differ from the original product.

What does backorder mean?

It may happen that you place an order for a product that is not in Soul Art Design stock. Your order will be put on back order and delivered as soon as it has arrived at the warehouse with us. The delivery of a product that is not in our stock but available at the manufacturer is 1-2 weeks. We will keep you informed by email of this entire ordering process.

If the product is currently out of stock at the manufacturer then we will also inform you and, if these are known also give an estimated delivery date. You may cancel your order at all times with us if you no longer want to wait on your order.

Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order at all times with us and your paid amount will be returned. If the order has already been shipped to you, you may return the shipment to us. See the conditions for returning "Returns or exchange."

Secure ordering?

For pleasant shopping online safety is important. Soul Art Design is committed to make and keep the site safe. Internet shopping is very safe.

It is important that you know where you shop and whether this store really exists. Soul Art Design is part of Aiki Management and we have a physical address:

Laan van het Kwekebos 243
7823 KE, Emmen
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce No. 04055722
VAT No. GB Emmen 102993063B01

Of course it is important that you are sure that you are dealing with our shop and not a mirror site. We have a https (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) connection, this is a protocol with the aim of secure data exchange.

What this does concretely is encrypting the data that goes from the server to the web browser and vice versa. It makes it impossible for people, robots or companies to watch and see what happens. This means that personal details, login details and bank details are protected and cannot be used by others. In addition, this protocol is used for authentication. This means that the user of the website knows for sure that communication with the server actually happens with the server to be used.

Before the url (internet address) you see a lock Vergrendelen this means that,

The information that you send or receive via the site is private.

Always be careful when sharing private information, even when you see this icon. Look at the address bar to check if you are on the site you want to visit.

Check the url (internet address)  is "www.soul-art-design.nl/" Only if you see this address into your address bar, you shop at Soul Art Design. Behind the / can be other Texts, for example http://www.soul-art-design.nl/nl/broeken/17-airborne-vintage-trousers.html. 

Phishing is a form of fraud to deceive with false e-mails. Criminals use another company or bank name and send you an email asking if you want to login through a link. In this way they wrest a counterfeit copy of a website, personal and sensitive information. Soul Art Design always send email in the name of the customer. You can find more information about phishing on this website Click here