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For pleasant shopping online safety is important. Soul Art Design is committed to make and keep the site safe. Internet shopping is very safe.

It is important that you know where you shop and whether this store really exists. Soul Art Design is part of Aiki Management and we have a physical address:

Laan van het Kwekebos 243
7823 KE, Emmen
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce No. 04055722
VAT No. GB Emmen 102993063B01

Of course it is important that you are sure that you are dealing with our shop and not a mirror site. We have a https (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) connection, this is a protocol with the aim of secure data exchange.

What this does concretely is encrypting the data that goes from the server to the web browser and vice versa. It makes it impossible for people, robots or companies to watch and see what happens. This means that personal details, login details and bank details are protected and cannot be used by others. In addition, this protocol is used for authentication. This means that the user of the website knows for sure that communication with the server actually happens with the server to be used.

Before the url (internet address) you see a lock Vergrendelen this means that,

The information that you send or receive via the site is private.

Always be careful when sharing private information, even when you see this icon. Look at the address bar to check if you are on the site you want to visit.

Check the url (internet address) is "www.soul-art-design.nl/" Only if you see this address into your address bar, you shop at Soul Art Design. Behind the / can be other Texts, for example http://www.soul-art-design.nl/nl/broeken/17-airborne-vintage-trousers.html.

Phishing is a form of fraud to deceive with false e-mails. Criminals use another company or bank name and send you an email asking if you want to login through a link. In this way they wrest a counterfeit copy of a website, personal and sensitive information. Soul Art Design always send email in the name of the customer. You can find more information about phishing on this website Click here >>>

Sisow processes the payments for Soul Art Design (except Bank transfer and Paypal). You can see Sisow as an intermediary; they ensure that your money is safely transferred from your bank to the webshop. Because Sisow takes care of the payment process for the webshop, you will see Sisow Payments on your bank statement.

Why via Sisow? For Soul Art Design, security is the most important thing. Through rigorous security checks, secure data storage, screening of staff and compliance with all regulations, Sisow can guarantee the security, stability and reliability of the payment platform.

Payment method


iDEAL is an online payment method, the payment method most commonly used in the Netherlands, and you can pay through your own bank. iDEAL is safe, easy and you pay in familiar banksurroundings as you are actually already used to.

iDeal QR

Under Construction

Bank Transfer

Under Construction


Bancontact is a Belgian payment schedule. It is the Belgian market leader in electronic payments, with more than 15 million cardholders. More than 80% of Belgian web shops already accept Bancontact as a payment method. When Bancontact is used to pay for online purchases, consumers transfer money from their bank account through the trusted Bancontact online banking environment. As a result, payments are guaranteed and cannot be reversed by the consumer. Retailers immediately receive confirmation of the status of the payment, which means that orders can also be processed immediately.

Bancontacts online payment platform can be used by anyone with a payment card issued by Bancontact. More than 20 Belgian banks issue these cards, so there are more than 15 million cardholders. Banks that issue Bancontact cards are ABK Bank, Argenta, AXA Bank, Bank J. Van Breda, Belfius, Beobank, BNP Paribas Fortis, bpost bank, CBC Banque, CPH Banque, Crelan, Deutsche Bank, Fintro, Hello Bank, ING Belgium , KBC Bank, Keytrade Bank, Nagelmackers, Record Bank and VDK Spaarbank.


SOFORT Banking is a European payment method with which payments and donations can be made, without consumers having to create extra accounts. Consumers log in to SOFORT Banking with the data they use to log into their own online banking environment. From here they can transfer money directly from their own checking account. SOFORT Banking is TÜV certified, this guarantees that it is a safe method to make payments.

SOFORT Banking is available in 8 European countries. This makes it the ideal payment method to reach consumers throughout Europe, which increases conversions. SOFORT Banking is available in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Poland. It works with most consumer banks from these countries.


The KBC / CBC payment button is an online payment method for customers of KBC and CBC, together the largest bank in Belgium. KBC focuses on Flanders and CBC on Wallonia. The banks offer their customers a payment button that makes it easy and quick to pay online. Via the KBC / CBC Payment button, customers pay for their online purchases from their own trusted online banking environment. Payments are processed immediately and are guaranteed when paid. Customers can no longer reclaim them.

In addition to a safe and guaranteed payment method, the KBC and CBC offer their customers the option to pay amounts between 50 and 1,250 euros in arrears, which increases conversions. Customers can then choose when the amount is taken from their account, but retailers do not have to wait for this, they will be paid immediately.


Belfius is one of the largest banks in Belgium. With the Belfius Pay Button, the bank provides its customers with their own payment solution. Consumers with a Belfius account can use the Belfius Pay Button to make direct payments from Belfius Direct Net, the online banking product of Belfius, or via the app. Payments made via the Belfius Pay Button are guaranteed and cannot be reversed by the customer. This makes it a very suitable payment method for web shops and their customers, because orders can be processed immediately when the payment is made.

More than a million Belfius customers use the online banking product Belfius Direct Net and can therefore use the Belfius Pay Button as a payment method. This makes the Belfius Pay Button a valuable addition to your checkout when you do business in Belgium or plan to expand to Belgium. Belgian customers see the Belfius Pay Button as a reliable payment method.


With PayPal you buy and pay securely online. You can choose to pay with your creditcard, your bank account or from your PayPal balance. PayPal keeps your information private because your financial information is securely stored and encrypted.

In addition, PayPal protects your purchases, because if you do not receive what you ordered, you can reclaim your paid. There is a 3,4% extra charge on the total amount which PayPal will charge for a transaction.


You do not have a PayPal account, and you wish not to create one but just want to pay with your creditcard? Then this is no problem! This is possible with the MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discovery Card. How does this work: Choose the PayPal button, you will be redirected to the PayPal website. Choose the link "No PayPal account?" Now you will get the following screen (see below), fill in your details and you can pay securely with your creditcard. After filling up, follow the instructions.

There is a 3,4% extra charge on the total amount which PayPal will charge for a transaction.